Monday, March 30, 2009

Discovering Ohio!

Angie Palmer has started an Internet Radio Show that will focus on green issues in Ohio as well as local events and adventures in Ohio. The show is called Discovering Ohio.

Angie has also started a group on Meet up called Ohio Green Specialist, if your interested in more ways to "green" your life and make a difference, join!
Keep an eye on this for more Ohio events and companies to support!

Learn more about the Think Outside the Bottle Campaign !!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

13 ways to recycle a bottle

the Daily Green has a great list of the top 13 coolest things
made with recycled bottles!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ohio Green Living Fayre September 7, 2009

We are getting ready for the Ohio Green Living 3rd annual Labor Day Fayre on September 7, 2009. this year it will be in Zanesville, Ohio at Zanes Landing .

We are excited about this change, this space will give us room to grow and provide more activies for Fayre goers like you! we will still have Workshops, Live Music, Children's Area, Great Food and much more!

To make this event a success, we need volunteers! People like you! What a great way to be part of the event and make a difference!
Contact us let us know, there are plenty of ways you can volunteer and make the 3rd annual OGL Labor Day Fayre a success!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What to do with Soda Bottles?!

Did you know eight out of 10 plastic water bottles become landfill waste?
So much waste what do we do with it?! How can we keep up and make a difference?
Jay and Annie at the Blue Rock Station have one solution and have written an excellent booklet about how to build a soda bottle greenhouse using 2-liters!

Using stacks of 2-liters bottles, you can create a wall of plastic that replaces the need for standard greenhouse plastic walls.
Did you know that 500 2-liters of Mountain Dew equals 440,000 calories!
That's 124,000 grams of sugar!
WOW! That's a lot of sugar!
Why do I know this?
I had some loyal MD drinkers save their
2-liters for me so we could build our own Soda Bottle Greenhouse! Jay and Annie directions have been great and easy to follow.
Visit One20 to see how it is going later this spring!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Featured Ohio Shop littlealouette

Little Alouette's

Here is our sweet Lil Ellie roller toy Handmade from Maple and finished with organic seed oils by Little Alouette. A great toy to explore the wonders of the floor with and safe to munch on! From teething wee ones to older babes- they all love Ellie!Unleash the creativity in your baby or child with this sweet lil Elephant.
They use certified organic seed oil to finish our product. They also use Ohio Maple when whenever we can-we believe in natural materials that are locally sourced and all our products are made here in Ohio.


Welcome to the Ohio Green Living blog!
Though this blog we will give local tips and keep you up to date on the activity and planning that happens before the Fayre happens on Labor Day!

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